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Good Credit Can Make Life Easier —
and Save You Money!

  • Get Better Rates on Car Insurance
  • Save on Other Types of Insurance
  • Qualify for Lower Credit Card Interest
  • Get Approved for Higher Credit Limits
  • Have More Housing Options
  • Get Utility Services More Easily
  • Get a Cell Phone Without Prepaying or Making a Security Deposit

Full-Service Credit Solutions

Credit Repair

Our savvy, methodical and aggressive
approach is designed to deliver genuine
and lasting credit enrichment. Unlock the
benefits of good credit – today.

Credit Building

Building credit can feel like a daunting
task, but tactics like signing up for a
secured card or store card can help you
establish positive payment history.

Credit Monitoring

With the increased risk of identity theft
and credit fraud, it’s more important than
ever to know what’s happening with your
credit at all times.

Inquiry Removal

We have a PROVEN track record of removing those pesky hard inquiries in just 30-45 days!

Personal Finance Coaching

An overlooked aspect of credit repair but
it is vital to addressing lender concerns
and ensuring your financial future.

Student Loan Services

Whether you’re dealing with wage
garnishment, facing a tax offset or have
defaulted loans – we can help.

Credit Repair

Society is becoming increasingly dependent on credit to make
purchases and other financial decisions.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires that the
information reported must be accurate, complete and verifiable.
Through our simple but powerful 3-step process, we leverage the
law to ensure your credit reports are free of inaccurate,
incomplete and unverified information that could negatively
impact your scores. Roughly 79% of consumer credit reports
contain errors.

Having an excellent credit score puts you in the most favorable
light of all when it comes to borrowing money.

Common factors that impact your credit scores

  • Payment history: 35%
  • Amounts owed: 30%
  • Length of credit history: 15%
  • Credit mix: 10%
  • New credit: 10%

See what may be impacting your credit, don’t worry—this won’t hurt your score.

Bad Credit is Expensive

The most obvious way bad credit costs you money
is in the form of high interest rates.

A bad credit score could be costing you in more
ways than you realize. Here are some of the most
common financial effects experienced by people
with poor credit.

  • High APRs on loans and credit cards
  • Limited access to regular financing
  • More expensive insurance premiums
  • Difficulty qualifying for housing
  • Deposit requirement for utilities

With bad or no credit, you’ll see higher rates when
borrowing and inflated prices in your payment plans.

Bad credit could keep you from:

How credit repair works

Our proven process could help you achieve your credit goals


We review your credit reports
to identify inaccurate &
derogatory items negatively
impacting your credit.


We work with the credit
bureaus & data furnishers to
verify the accuracy of the
items reported.


We monitor your credit,
addressing additional issues
as they arise to ensure you
achieve your credit goals.

Results Driven

Past members saw a 60 point average increase on their
score in just 4 months.

How much does credit repair cost?


Recommended for those
who have a lot of negative
items on their credit


Recommended for
those who have a
moderate amount of
negative items


Recommended for those
who have
a handful of negative

Affordable plans for every budget

Client Testimonials

DJ Addx

For 2 years I tried to get a hospital debt
in collections removed. I could not get rid
of it. A friend recommended 1st Choice
Credit Repair, so I decided to give them a
try. A month later, my debt in collections
was removed and my credit score went
up 60 points!

Cristina Jenkins

Excellent service! My credit has
improved so much in such a short period
of time – I couldn’t be happier with the
service I’ve received. They get results
quickly and effectively! If you need help
with your credit pick 1st Choice Credit
Repair, you wont be disappointed!

Tyrone Johnson

I love this Company! They have been
with me every step on the way on my
journey to repair my credit. Always
available for any questions or concerns,
they go above and beyond to ensure my
needs are met, while providing
knowledgeable & professional services.

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